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Automatically set a user's wallpaper to NASA's Astronomy Picture Of the Day


GPLv3 License Build Status Go Report Card Documentation



The easiest way to install SpaceFace would be the AUR Package. To build manually, these steps are executed:

  go build

This will set your current wallpaper to the NASA APOD. If the path /usr/share/backgrounds/spaceface exists, then SpaceFace will also download the APOD to /usr/share/backgrounds/spaceface/lock.jpg for setting the lock screen. (Automatic setting of lock screen not yet implemented)


To deploy this project on linux run

  sudo mkdir /usr/share/backgrounds/spaceface
  sudo chown $USER /usr/share/backgrounds/spaceface
  sudo mv SpaceFace /usr/local/bin/
  sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/SpaceFace

And then set your ~/.config/kscreenlockerrc to contain: